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Tom Mittelstaedt Painting, Inc (TMP) would like to thank you for voting us the #1 Painting Company in 2012!

TMP, Inc is a residential and commercial contractor that specializes in all types of painting services for new construction and remodel projects. These include full pre-paint preparation, walls, ceilings, enamel, stain, varnish and faux finishes. We also perform full deck restorations.

TMP, Inc works closely with homeowners and contractors. We can help narrow down any color questions. If colors choices are difficult to decide upon, we will bring in a color consultant to offer advice.

Once we arrive onsite, we will be there from start to finish as the customers schedule allows. Our goal is to minimize any interruption. If there is a problem or question following the paint application, we guarantee we will be onsite by 10:00 a.m. the following business day to discuss any concerns.